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Get the healthy hair you deserve

The Aussie-made miracle serum that rehydrates your hair by 97% in just 2 hours.

So Sublime! delivers intense hydration from scalp to ends, leaving you with healthier, more manageable hair. Plus, our vegan and cruelty-free formula is scientifically formulated for all hair types.

Your genie in a bottle

The miracle hydrating serum you didn't know you needed

So Sublime! is powered by the groundbreaking PATCH2O® technology, a molecular patch based on natural bio-polymers (think hyaluronic acid) carrying highly-concentrated hydrating substances (trehalose and glycerin) to form a shield of moisture, strength, and repair over every strand of hair and scalp.

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The most versatile serum on the market

Who is it for? EVERYONE!

Whether you have thick curls or fine locks, whether you're dealing with dry, frizzy hair or hair that's been damaged by heat or chemicals, So Sublime! can restore your locks to their former glory.

Style on wet or dry hair, your choice

Avid heat-stylers can apply So Sublime! on damp or dry hair prior to styling to provide thermal protection and add hydration. If you’re the air-dry type, apply So Sublime! to damp hair to lock in moisture and fight frizz!

Your hair won't be the only one feeling good!

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Experience the Australian secret to sublime hair

Trust the experts in hair care

The Australian-made miracle serum is recommended by top independent hairdressers."

a review by an indie hairdresser already using the serum and confident recommending it as an everyday go-to miracle product etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc"

Indie Hairdresser Katy Reeve shows you how to get the best from So Sublime, along with bonus styling tips and a product cocktail how-to for next level results!

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Questions? We've got answers

Does So Sublime! contain any harsh chemicals?

No, So Sublime! does not contain harsh chemicals such as sulphates, parabens or phthalates. We’ve made it our mission to include natural and native ingredients that are rich in vitamins and minerals that benefit both the hair and the scalp.

Can I use So Sublime! every day?

Yes, So Sublime! is actually more effective when used regularly. Using a structured network with micro caverns that create a reservoir, PATCH2O® releases active ingredients over time that repair the hair surface, restore hydration, and improve the condition of the scalp with each application. In fact, scalp hydration improves by an impressive 52% after just 21 days.

Is So Sublime! suitable for all hair types?

Yes, So Sublime! is not only suitable but actually benefits and improves all textures, lengths, conditions and needs.

Can So Sublime! be used as a leave-in conditioner?

Yes, So Sublime! is like a moisturiser for your mane, which makes it the perfect leave-in conditioner. You can take it with you anywhere and reapply during the day if you feel your hair needs a boost of hydration, particularly if you’re outdoors in the elements!

Will So Sublime! help with air-drying my hair?

Yes, So Sublime! is a frizz-fighting warrior! Thanks to the intense hydrating properties of PATCH2O® and Hyaluronic Acid that attract and retain moisture in the hair shaft, So Sublime! works quickly to prevent dryness and frizz and improve your hair’s overall natural texture.

How long does it take to see results with So Sublime!?

When So Sublime! hits your hair, it instantly delivers a burst of concentrated moisturising substances, rehydrating your strands by 97% in just two hours. Using those same hydrating properties, PATCH2O® quenches even the driest of scalps. Just four hours after the first application, the scalp is 17% more hydrated, and with ongoing use, results have shown that after 21 days, your scalp hydration can increase by 52%.

Is So Sublime! tested on animals?

No, So Sublime! is PeTA certified vegan and animal cruelty-free. You can view the certification here.

Limited Time Offer

Save 15%* inc. FREE SHIPPING

Hydro Repair Shampoo

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